Sustainability Through Connectivity

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Efficiency and Sustainability Through Connectivity

The capabilities of today`s wireless technologies and networks and the ubiquitous presence of intelligent devices ranging from smart phones, to vehicle manufacturer embedded wireless devices to those for soon to arrive real time connected vehicles and infrastructure enable a whole new territory for significant change and improvement in transportation by all stakeholders and for all stakeholders.

At G4 Apps we approach the opportunities to engage this new paradigm from the perspective of lean transportation, working with stakeholders drivers, fleet managers, terminal managers, transportation agencies, transit agencies etc. - in real time with operational grade data and advice with the reliability that enables them to change their operations at the atomic level as well as in the big picture. We focus on improving transportation operations, lowering energy/fuel use and costs, lowering emissions and improving mobility and safety through connected vehicle and traveler solutions for each stakeholder group, and by bringing together those solutions in ways that improve effectiveness for all. G4 Apps recognizes that infrastructure; vehicles and travelers will have an evolving mixture of devices and technologies for decades and seeks to provide solutions that embrace those providing ever increasing participation and utility.

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