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Bluetooth and WiFi Monitoring

Blip Systems: G4 Apps is proud to distribute and support Blip Systems product line and services in North America as well as to collaborate with Blip in adapting solutions to customers’ needs.

How it Works: Blip sensors are placed at key points along road sides, in transit networks or public places. The sensors detect the unique, anonymous Bluetooth and WiFi addresses periodically sent out from personal devices or automobile infotainment units. The addresses are encrypted and sent to a web server. The server tracks each device from node to node. No user opt in is required. Unique in using both Bluetooth and WiFi the Blip solution typically tracks over 50% of vehicles or travelers in urban environments


  • Real time traffic monitoring across broad road networks
  • Immediate detection of congestion
  • Delay time measurement before, during and after construction
  • Border, bridge, tunnel wait time measurements and prediction
  • Real time traffic speed, delay feed for overhead and roadside variable message signs
  • Traffic signal timing analysis
  • Vehicle origin destination studies
  • Traveler origin-destination and mode shift studies
  • Traveler queue management
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