Sustainability Through Connectivity

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At G4 Apps our mission is to use wireless technologies and services to improve transportation in ways that simultaneously reduce costs and improve sustainability. Our view is that the best solutions will integrate traffic management by agencies, with real time driver assistance and overall supply chain processes. In being at the forefront of delivering robust, operations grade systems and services across that spectrum G4 Apps partners with leading complementary companies.

Blip Systems

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At BLIP Systems we work with technology that identifies people's movements. BLIP Systems develops and manufacture the tracking platform BlipTrackô. The BlipTrackô solution follows human movements in real time via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking and is used for
traffic measurements and is also the world's leading solution to detect passenger movement in airports. BlipTrackô is today used in 20 international airports and have more than 5000 units deployed worldwide. Our mission is to become the leading provider of systems for data collection and analysis, to improve flow in transport networks, airports and within commercial areas.

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