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Traffic and Traveler Monitoring

At G4 Apps we view traffic and traveler monitoring as a spectrum ranging from in road induction loops, to roadside/in station anonymous Bluetooth and WiFi monitoring, to smart devices (phones, infotainment units, connected vehicle on board units) with each approach successively monitoring fewer vehicles, but with richer data and much wider coverage at dramatically lower cost.

Bluetooth and WiFi: Inexpensive sensors along roadsides or in transit stations utilize the anonymous but unique addresses broadcast by Bluetooth and WiFi devices to detect when a specific device passes a sensor. The data from sensors placed throughout a network are processed to determine real time and historic traffic speeds, origin-destination pairs, and mode shifts. No opt in is required.

Smart Devices: Applications software placed into smart devices by their owner (personal or corporate) collect data from the device sensors. Data is aggregated for privacy and/or securely provided to trusted parties. Directions or assistance can be sent to individual vehicles.

Goods Movement: Smart devices are placed in commercial vehicles providing drivers, safely, with assistance, making them a part of the solution for improved operations and cost reductions. G4 Apps solutions support individual fleets as well as association, agency, terminal or municipal programs for efficiency and sustainability.

Traveler, Pedestrian: Origin –destination pairs and mode transitions are recorded for resource management and planning. Bluetooth/WiFi without opt in and/or smart devices can be used.

Professional Services: G4 Apps provides design, implementation, hosting and ongoing support and upgrades for all solutions.

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