Sustainability Through Connectivity

Traffic Monitoring Operations Quality Fleets, Terminals Safety, Privacy Partners

Travelers, Pedestrians

Stakeholders and Interests: Long range visions and plans for culture, living and transportation are changing in many metropolitan areas with considerable focus and investment on creating workable communities, active public areas and more frequent and flexible public transit. As projects are planned, undertaken, utilized by travelers and pedestrians, and grow to be interconnected across more and more jurisdictions, modes and agencies traveler origin destination pairs and mode shift studies are vital in setting objectives, measuring results and adapting operations and plans. Bluetooth and WiFi monitoring can be readily and very cost effectively implemented to provide planning and operations data on a permanent or temporary basis.


  • Transit user source and destination, time studies
  • Commuter source- destination, time across multiple modes
  • Pedestrian time in public areas and travel between and time spent at each facility, venue
  • Queue size and time monitoring, managing service level agreements
  • Pedestrian wait time and flow at traffic signals
  • Special events attendance levels and people flow
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