Sustainability Through Connectivity

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Cost Savings
Wirelessly connecting vehicles and providing robust operational services can reduce transportation costs at a number of levels:

  • Enabling systems wide new processes based on reliable delivery times
  • Improved fleet utilization and reduced overhead costs such as insurance and maintenance
  • Fuel and time savings on each trip for each vehicle

Vehicle/Trip Cost Savings
Opportunities to reduce fuel through connectivity, by enabling smoother driving and avoiding idling, include:

  • Advising drivers of optimum accelerate, cruise, coast, stop sequences especially in urban driving
  • Advising drivers on optimum start up and speed to synchronize with upcoming traffic signals on urban arterial routes
  • Real time detection and notification of incidents along the intended route and recommendation of alternate route truck routes only by time of day
  • Advanced indication of wait times at border crossings, road construction etc.
  • Improved coordination with resources at terminals and distribution centres

G4 Apps is in various stages of developing and proving out robust operation of each these elements, in some cases with cooperating agencies. Our objective is to reduce heavy vehicle fuel use on urban roads by 20%.

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