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Safety, Privacy, Security

From algorithms, to implementation, to context awareness, to interaction with drivers, operations centers, fleet managers and site coordinators G4 Apps solutions are safe, secure and private.

Driver Interaction: Each driver assistance function is designed with an understanding of driver and vehicle response times, along with driver workload and attention processes. Information for the driver is filtered within context to ensure safety, for example at this time no guidance is issued to the driver while they are approaching a signaled intersection and should be paying attention to the signal and intersection traffic. Driver advice is prioritized then delivered through an interface that meets driver distraction guidelines from NTHSA for vehicle manufacturers.

Security: All communications are secure using state of the art techniques. Fleet managers activate and deactivate individual drivers/devices and manage the access of data to any parties through a web based console.

Privacy: G4 Apps recognizes that assured privacy is a fundamental necessity for individuals and commercial fleets and designs in privacy at every level from technology to process.

The Blip solution monitoring Bluetooth and WiFi is entirely anonymous. Further information can be found at

For smart device solutions G4 Apps identifies to clients the nature and benefit of various data then works through a process of minimizing the use of private data, keeping all data possible within the device, restricting access of commercial data to only the fleet manager and making anonymous any data that is shared with other parties, such as vehicle location, heading and speed as may be used in traffic delay and event detection.


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