Sustainability Through Connectivity

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Goods Movement

Stakeholders and Interests: Shippers, fleets, terminal operators, port agencies, departments of transportation and municipalities all recognize the opportunity and importance of freight movement to their organizations and seek to improve efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs and lessening the impact on the environment and communities. Connected technologies through smart devices can aid this in many ways.


  • Vehicle and goods tracking and monitoring
  • Truck routes and dynamic route guidance to specific vehicles by time of day
  • Electronic enforcement and exemptions (e.g. bypass scales)
  • Commercial vehicle specific wait time measurement and prediction at borders, bridges
  • Reliable real time estimated time of arrival
  • Terminal operators better resource management and coordination
  • Construction site managers adjust resources, only allow vehicles on site when needed, improved safety
  • Optimized vehicle coordination with traffic signals reduce fuel, emissions
  • Vehicle and fleet level reporting of fuel, emissions reductions for sustainability programs
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