Sustainability Through Connectivity

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Site Management

Over and above improving costs, safety, emissions and operations for individual vehicles G4 Apps connected vehicle can contribute to overall company, supply chain or project economies, effectiveness and sustainability in a variety of ways at distribution and construction sites.

Freight Terminals, Ports, Distribution Centers
  • Improved on time arrival of trucks
  • Superior real time estimated times of arrival
  • Automatic notifications to site coordinators at set time or distance away
  • Automatic notifications of site arrival and departure
  • Coordinator to truck communications delay, bay, etc.
  • Superior resource utilization
  • Less truck idling
Construction Sites
  • Same functionality as for freight terminals
  • Tighter scheduling and control of time critical material such as cement fewer delays, less inventory in transit, more responsive to project events
  • Control of vehicles to minimize number on site or idling nearby
  • Superior coordination of construction vehicles with traffic control better, safer operation


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